Grounding, joyful and unifying pigments and fragrances for the everyday life

Royal purple. This pigment is one of the least common in nature, therefore it used to be reserved for royalty and priests. Photograph of purple lavender in evening light by

How did you pick the color you are wearing right now? Are you wearing perfume? Which are the dominant olfactory notes? And most importantly, how are you feeling? Are the color and the scent in harmony with your mood or even improving it? Or do you think you could do with something lighter and brighter? Or perhaps something earthy?

It’s a lazy late and melting hot afternoon here in Provence and I’m wearing a darkish beige dress, the kind that looks like a mocha with lots of iced latte…

Where we all are selling junk to each other.

An influencer in lavender fields. Photo by

I ignore since when being the woman in bikinis on top of a car came to be known as a desirable thing to be for today’s enlightened public. After all, she was just selling a sexy and carefree image of women and automobiles to a primarily male audience. Sadly, I do not find most influencers to be that different.

Conceivably, one day we will find modern Instagram role models cutesy and naive in the same manner as we may think of vintage car ads. Both sell dreams, an inspirational lifestyle, products…

Anu Maarit Simard

Nordic freelance writer and photographer in Southern France. Dreams, art, self-love, travel, health, healing, plant-based living, creativity, growth.

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